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Ball head replacement

Ball head replacement

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Category: SKU: 10022


own product:


Ball head replacement                                        Art. No.: 10022

PA-slide for Ball head replacement                      Art. No.: 10022-1


In case of this version (Art. No.: 10022-1) is supplied as shown in the picture, only pulley with bearing.

The floor guide shows the following geometries:

Width:                35 mm
Height:             27,5 mm
Length:             100 mm

3 x Ø 7 mm bore hole countersunk
1 x M5 Threaded pin with a hight of 11 mm

The pa-slide shows the following geometries:

Width:              23 mm
Height:            22,5 mm
Length:              70 mm

1 x M8 Threaded


Additional information

Weight 169,68 g

Ball head replacement (Art. No.: 10022), PA-slide for Ball head replacement (Art. No.: 10022-1)